Monday, September 30, 2013

Cutest Corrosion PSA Ever

Yeah, that's about right. It's just about the cutest corrosion PSA ever.

It's also one of the best corrosion introductions I've seen. The kids go through a quick survey of preventing corrosion via galvanic protection, material selection, and coating technologies. They also remind us why corrosion is an important topic to consider when designing any piece of infrastructure - like a pretty nice playground.

And then they play.

Always remember to play at the end of any bit of work.

As an aside, the PSA is technically for an exhibit at the Orlando Science Center. I happen to remember that one of our campers at the corrosion mini-camp at Akron in the late summer 2012 was an exhibit designer for the Orlando Science Center. I wonder...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Where were the ASM Teacher Camps in the summer of 2013?

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In case anybody was curious about the geographic spread of the ASM teacher camps as of summer 2013...

Next summer I'm pulling for the Chaminade University...or Portland State...or Northern Arizona University...maybe the University of San Francisco...

Coincidentally, those are places that I really want to visit.