About the labels

I'm trying to keep this blog helpful to both me and to any visiting teachers 'round these parts - master teachers, ASM workshop participants, whomever happens to stop by.

To that end, I'm going to list a few labels that I'm thinking will be used frequently around here. We start with the labels that come straight from the summer workshops and align well with the curriculum.
  • solids
    • crystals
    • oobleck 
    • allotropes
  • metals
    • corrosion
    • smelting
    • tempering
    • annealing
    • activity series 
    • redox
    • alloys
  • ceramics / glass
    •  ???
  • polymers
    • plastics
    • bioplastics
    • cross-linking
    • biomimetics
    • recycling
  • composites 
    • particulates
    • laminates
    • hex cells 
    • concrete
There are also some tags that I'll use that aren't necessarily topic-specific.
  • art
  • education 
  • food - there's a fair bit of overlap between materials science and food science
  • humor - things that are chucklesome and might not necessarily be entirely factual
  • maintenance - things that aren't necessarily about matsci but are things I need to put out there 
  • military - some students just want to see videos about guns and swords and knives and weapons
  • older kids - there won't ever be anything that's not safe for work posted here, but there might be a few things that might not be appropriate for younger kids
  • nanotech 
  • sports
  • TED talks - talks given at one of the TED conferences
  • video pick of the week - videos provided by the am&p weekly newsletter
  • water - anything dealing with hydrophobic, hydrophilic, dissolving, something to do with water 
  • workshop powerpoints - anything that we embed in our powerpoints during the summer ASM workshops 
If you can think of any other labels that would be helpful, send a suggestion.

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