Sunday, July 9, 2017

Railroad Thermite Welding: Europe & Russia

Yup, dramatic music at the beginning. That'

In addition to possibly watching this with the sound off, I'd also suggest turning off the annotations because they're just annoying ads for other videos.

There's a pretty stunning, handheld blowtorch at 0:30. All those tiny flames makes me wonder just how frickin' hot the torch gets.

Most of what we get in the video - including the phenomenally bright fire at 1:55 - is pretty standard railroad, thermite welding.

The animation at 2:09, however, isn't standard. It's a great cutout view of what's happening within the thermite weld.

After that, there isn't much more than three barely  different versions of thermite welding. The first ends around 3:05. The second ends around 5:50, and the third wraps up at about 8:25.

Really, the animation at 2:09 is the only new thing to see here.

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