Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yeah, the egg survived and all, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to crack it one handed and scramble up an omelet with it afterwards.

Though it could make dying Easter eggs a lot quicker. Line those suckers up and spray like fifty of them at once.

Plus you could probably reuse the same eggs every year for like a decade.

Line-X was mentioned by one of my students in class this week, and he asked if I could explain how it worked. I'd never heard of the stuff, but I went home and watched the video...videos, honestly, as the company has posted nearly eighty videos of their product in a huge range of varied uses. The next day we watched the video in class, and I gave my very brief explanation of what I understood about the coating. It's a polymer that provides a lot more wear resistance and durability for the watermelon, egg, plastic cups, and cement block shown in the video.

It's actually fascinating to see the uses - military protection, flooring applications, truck beds (the primary application from what I can tell), wall coatings, storage tanks, protection of underground reservoirs, and lots more - that can come from slight modifications of the basic product.

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